Harlech Village

The one and only settlement on this small lake island, Harlech is decidedly rural. Its people lead a simple life, devout in their religious practices and mostly oblivious to the immense history that lies all around them.

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Back-Alley Ruins

...Case in point, these ancient ruins from the time of Xanadu sit just beyond a locked door in one of Harlech's back-alleys. Infested with monsters and largely untouched by man for centuries, there are certain to be secrets within its halls...but dangers lurk therein as well.

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Clover Ruins

Just to the north of Harlech Village, beyond the main gate, lies a grassy plain full of clovers and overgrown ruins from a time long forgotten. The wildlife here is fierce, but those seeking treasure have been known to brave it anyway, as these old sections of wall often give way to hidden passages and tombs.

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Eternal Maze

Snaking beneath virtually the entire island is a complex and labyrinthine set of catacombs. Part waterway, part tunnel system, the Eternal Maze lives up to both parts of its name: it feels as though it's always been there, and it is most assuredly a tangled puzzle to traverse.

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Trechier Woods

Logic holds no meaning within the treacherous woods along the island's edge. East becomes west becomes north becomes south, and the longest way around is always the one that appears to be the shortest distance. To map the entire forest is an exercise in futility, as no map can truly do justice to a woodland so twisted.

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Xanadu Labyrinth

The ancient remains of Kublai Khan's pleasure palace are said to exist somewhere upon the island. And while little is known of what may lie within, there are some who believe the Xanadu Labyrinth guards the passage to another world...

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Castle Strangerock

Whenever mist hangs over Lake Orwell, this aptly named stronghold is said to appear upon its waters. As sailors draw near it, however, it vanishes like a mirage. To this day, no one knows if Castle Strangerock even truly exists, but it's been the source of much discussion and has spurred the imaginations of many a scholar and adventurer alike.

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